Penticton and Area Cycling Association (PACA) –
PACA is a non-profit, member-based organization that is run by volunteers. They have several excellent projects—one of which is an online, publicly populated mapping platform that uses PDFs, GPS and Google Earth files.

Sweet Single Track: South Okanagan Trail Guide – is a website that links to over 100 trails in the South Okanagan. It represents 67 chapters of a digital book and includes downloadable GPS and Google Earth files (maps, images and comprehensive trail descriptions). is available in print—at Tourism Penticton and several local businesses—as well as online (including mobile app editions). A portion of profits goes towards trail maintenance, signage and sanctioning.

Bike Okanagan –
Bike Okanagan is an online resource for mountain bike trails in the North, Central and South Okanagan that is run and maintained by volunteers. It was started in 2014 and is still developing, but its growing quickly (as anyone can uploadroutes from their region). It also includes a listing of bike repair shops.

RDOS Click Hike Bike –
Click, Bike, Hike is an online interactive resource that identifies regional biking trails (including details like the route surface, activities allowed on the trail, trail description, PDF map and nearby  communities). Please note: the website uses a program called Silverlight and is designed to allow you to print maps and descriptions. Silverlight is not usually installed on smart phones, so it is best to access this site from a computer.Type your paragraph here.